Sunday, January 6, 2008

Winter Makes Me Sad

One of the first bags I ever made came from a set of thick velour drapes I had. The drapes made me depressed after a while, since Minnesota never gets any sun in the winter, so I cut them up.

The Yellow Sailor Messenger is also made of drapes, although they were pretty sunny themselves and probably didn't cause depression. This is one of those recycled fabric/recycled plastic combo bags...I like to call it the Awesome Fusion. The buttons on the front are vintage navy buttons.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tiny Radness

So Holiday Fun Time, as we like to call it, is over. Plain Fun Time never ends though. And in celebration of that, I'd like to introduce you to the lucha-minis. I know it would be way more awesome if you had an actual luchador for a friend--the gold mask and fantastic cape--but since I don't know any real luchadors, I decided to make some.

LuchaBunny (luchador del conejito) is dark green corduroy and sports a red wool mask and cape, as well as a pair of white briefs. You can see the twitchiness in his vintage button eyes. 4 inches head to toe.

LuchaChimp (luchador del mono) is a brown tweed friend with green mask and cape. His briefs are even minier because he's only 3 inches head to toe, but his size only makes him a more unpredictable opponent.

And just so you know, the luchas are made from recycled goods too. Like poncho hoods or pants' pockets.