Thursday, March 31, 2011

Custom Orders + Spokane Rocks

First of all, I need to thank all the R is R friends in Spokane, Washington. Your business and support has been fantastic, and a really big thanks to the Yoga Shala for being awesome. I'm truly thrilled that I'll have the chance to visit and thank some of you in person during the Women's Weekend May 20-22nd.  Yay Spokane!

And now, a word on custom orders...

I say all the time that R is R hearts custom orders, and it's totally true. Being the sole designer, crafter, supply-gatherer, and whatever else I do around here gives me lots of freedom to create some really crazy custom stuff. I've filled a range of super vague to insanely specific requests for purses, toys, cozies, messenger bags, and lots more.

In fact, my friend Katie, who rallies the R is R Spokane contingent, is responsible for my favorite custom order ever: A purse imbued with hope.  (Obviously a bold and shiny raspberry wristlet that is deceptively tiny and yet holds the universe.)

Placing a custom order is as simple as sending me an email.  I'll work with you from concept through production to create the bag (or cozy or toy....) that's perfect for you, and you get to be as involved as you want to be in the making of something totally yours, handcrafted, and best of all, sustainably made.  If you're interested in placing your own custom order, email me at, and we'll get the conversation started.

In the meantime,  a few of my favorites:

Barn Swallow Winery Commuter

Wool Felt Interior and Wine Bottle Pocket: Barn Swallow Winery Commuter

Laptop/Carry-All with Hand Screenprinted Logo for Baroque Design

Logo Screenprint and Button Closure

Bag Interior: Laptop/Carry-All for Baroque Design

Hand Stitched Original Design: My Sister's Face Cozy

Sweater Bunny Family

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Husband is Ridiculous

My Living Room Wall: White Doe by Rachel Denny

(Ridiculously awesome.)

THIS was my (significantly belated but not any less freaking amazing) Valentine's gift this year. You guys, it's hanging on my living room wall right this second. This is an actual picture of my living room wall. What? I have to keep looking at it to make sure it's real. This enormous box came in the mail today, and I started hyperventilating as soon as I saw the return address. Also, I could not stop hugging it after I got it unwrapped. The Husb finally pried it out of my arms so we could hang it on the wall. Wow. I. LOVE. THIS.

We came across Rachel Denny's work via something somewhere on the Internet about a month ago and I haven't stopped thinking about her since. The Husb must have gotten a sense of this and realized his chance to completely waste me in the Battle of Best Presents Ever. Which I am ok with.

I have to go and look at my cable knit doe some more now, but first I have to insist you all go check out Rachel Denny's site right this very second:

Monday, March 28, 2011

i heart cozies.

I just got back from taking a week to thaw out in the Florida Keys with The Husb. There was a lot of walking, and eating, some biking and kayaking, but mostly we had a fantastic time doing almost nothing but remembering what the sun feels like. (Magic. Magic is what it feels like, in case you live in Minnesota like me and are still snowed in.)

And despite the severe and snowy setback we had here in Minneapolis while I was away, my sights are still set on spring and summer. I have to believe that there WILL be a day in my future that finds me drinking a beer in the backyard sun. So in that hope, and with only days left till the end of R is R's March Sale, let's look at some cozies before that beer gets warm:

Hand stitched original custom design: My Sister's Face Cozy**

(**getting your mug stitched onto a cozy is about as custom as it gets, with the added bonus of never again confusing your beer with someone else's...germs are bad. send custom order requests to Recycling is Rad March Sale prices DO APPLY to any and all custom orders placed this month. act fast.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Basil Sprouts!

Last week I started some seeds in a couple of my recycled plastic planters. I love how the basil looks at this stage, cute like a baby, and I almost feel bad about my eventual plans to eat it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

This Week's Wishlist

I'm sitting on top of my worktable taking a knitting break. (Funny story: my old "worktable" died after my husband decided to take a seat on it's poorly-joined multi-leaf formica top...luckily this one is an actual worktable and up to the challenge.) My work space is mostly windows, so it's really pretty in here on a sunny day, and the dripping eaves are a sign of good things to come. And since it's Friday, a day to think about things other than work, I thought I'd share my wishlist of the week, inspired in part by this month's issue of Dwell magazine.


Crafting a Meaningful Home by Meg Mateo Ilasco

This book! It's 27 projects, all DIY, by different designers, and looks like it could be a great way to access some new ideas. Sometimes just knowing the magnitude that exists of things to be made and ways to make them is super overwhelming. So maybe start with just 27 things? The hand-woven rope rug project is one I'd love to try.


Uten.Silo by Vitra

Let's be clear. I'm not getting this. I don't buy expensive things (and my version of expensive equals: "20$ for a shirt?! what is it, made of gold?"); I opt for how awesome it is to find something you didn't even know you loved at a thrift store or roadside, and the random nature of my house attests to this. But. Sometimes there are there are things I'm just happy exist. Designed by Ingo Maurer in the late 1960s, this version has be re-made by Vitra. I can easily imagine myself entertained for hours by putting things in all the odd-shaped cubbies.

I've already combed every inch of wall space in my house, and this just isn't happening. Not without sacrificing something else, like the couch. But I love everything about this design. It's super simple, solves a problem, and is something you want to look at. Between the four of us we have enough bikes to put wheels under a small army. And even though we have quite a garage, most of the time there's a bike or two hanging out in the house. Usually I pretend that I totally mind, but the truth is, there's not much I prefer to the aesthetic of a bicycle, and if I had a fancy parking spot like this, I'd have mine living in plain view all the time.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget about R is R's March Sale! (20% off all merch and custom orders this month code YAYFORSUN required for my Etsy shop only; all other products are already sale-priced.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March (Sale)!

We made it to March! It might be foolish to start the end o' winter countdown here in Minneapolis just yet, but I'm feeling optimistic today. This might be because today is not only the first day of March, BUT ALSO:

1. My husband's birthday (which means dolmathes and carrot cake!)
2. National Pig Day (hug or eat a pig today, I guess?)
3. National Beer Day (celebrates the end of Icelandic prohibition, and also beer is delicious.)
4. The first day of R is R's March Sale!

To take advantage of item #4 on the list above, visit my Etsy shop (use coupon code YAYFORSUN), my Pedalr shop, or place a custom order during the month of March and receive 20% off all purchases.

Here's a preview of some of the other stuff on sale:

So celebrate today however you see fit, and go get your shop on! (One Important Note: Items in my Pedalr shop are already marked down for you, but you'll need to use the coupon code YAYFORSUN to get the discount in my Etsy shop; custom orders will be discounted by me at the time of invoice.) Happy Beer Pig Sale (and Birthday TC!) Day to all of you!