Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stuff That is New.

Hey people!  I got new stuff. 

Like this stuff: 

Large Recycled Plastic Planter
Recycled plastic planters.  Yes. 

Medium Recycled Plastic Planter
Stick a fern in one of these babies and you're pretty much just begging for the citizen of the universe award.

Medium Recycled Plastic Planter #2
Recycled plastic planters: Get them now.  Visit my Etsy shop for all the styles and sizes available, or to put in a request for a custom set.

And hey! This is some other stuff:

Hand-painted Wood Napkin Rings
Embroidered Owl Set

Hand-painted S&P
 It's summer, we feel awesome, and there's new stuff.  Oh yeah, and even more new stuff is on the way.  So visit my Etsy shop now and often to get a load of it. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GearJunkie Epic Award Trophies

Thanks to the GearJunkie for the shout out today!  The site commissioned me with an ice axe project, the end result to be trophies for winners of their Epic Award, an award honoring "adventurers, athletes, gear designers, and artists who affect notable change in the world outdoors." 

A fun project, totally different from my usual routine, for a super crew of outdoorsy freaks.  (Which I'm allowed to say since the Husb is one of them.)

The finished product!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We Heart Andy Samberg + An Update!

Today we're going to talk about two things:  What Happened the Last Two Months and Andy Samberg.  In order of importance. 

1.  First, Andy.

There he is!

photo courtesy of

Awhile (much too long) ago I posted pics of a face cozy I'd made along with a call for new face ideas for the next project.  I got a lot of requests for presidents.  And really, I mean, presidents are great.  I love presidents.  And America!  But this guy right here, this is really what I was looking for. 

Once I started thinking about it,  I realized that a cozy was quite clearly too small a canvas for the magnitude of dorky genius begging to be captured.  So I reframed the project, going all the way back to the roots of my celebrity crush:  Rod Kimble, as portrayed in the national gem of a movie, Hot Rod.

And this is what I got:

A favorite scene from Hot Rod translated into stitching. 


Stitch Andy Samberg as Rod Kimble.

My stitch signature.

2.  Second, Update.

Gah.  Winter is weird.  Even this one, where I could still see the grass in February.  I have a very fragile psyche anytime after November, apparently regardless of annual snowfall percentages.  I was pretty much holding it together until I got myself entangled in The Awful Project.  Which we will not speak of, except to say that it basically killed any shred of will I had left to accomplish anything even borderline creative.  So I had to change tack for a few weeks, spending my time with the family or burying myself in kitchen therapy. (Wherein I learned how to make cheese.  CHEESE, people!  And what I have long suspected is apparently true:  cheese heals all.)

But its March now, and the cheese-making has worked its magic. It's time to come back. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your Face Here?

James, in thread and flannel.

Ah, the face cozy.  I mean, what's better than having your likeness immortalized in thread?  This guy is my bro-in-law in one of his more "Father Winter" phases.  (It can get pretty cold in MN.) A couple of years ago I made one of my sister, so I thought it was only fair they both had one. 

I'm currently in the midst of what is, for me, a pretty ambitious hand-stitching project (I'm afraid to call it embroidery because I'm self-taught and therefore assume to be somehow less legit).  But of course in the middle of one thing, I have great visions for what's next.  Which is a whole series of face cozies.  Featuring what faces, I haven't decided yet.  Maybe you have a suggestion?  Maybe your face?  Leave your ideas in the comments or hit me up on Facebook.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Check out the feature spot R is R scored on the Minneapolis style site!
Follow the link to read the (short, but super nice) article by Drew Wood.  Yay for press!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Upcycled Terrariums.

I've long defended our awkward ratio of houseplants to house with the argument that the greenery helps us all survive Minnesota's version of winter.  Which I think is actually probably true.  Aside from us just being happier having plants around us, indoor gardens can help to purify the otherwise stale air we breath all winter, when the doors and windows shut against the cold also keep out the fresh air. 

My finished jar terrarium, featuring some kind of fern, two or three mosses, a found antler and my favorite tiny blue bowl.

But of course my real concern is whether or not it's something I want to look at.  And lately, I'm in love with looking at terrariums.  There are probably a trillion possibilities of awesomeness, and they're super easy to put together and maintain.  (None of mine have died yet!)

I loosely followed guidelines in this book, but you can also visit your local garden store (some offer classes or terrarium kits), or find much more detailed step-by-step instructions here:

Teardrop terrarium with moss and the most adorable vintage squirrel miniatures my genius husb spotted at the thrift store.

Read about my process after the jump, plus more pictures!  (Thanks to the studly T.C. Worley, ace photographer for lending a hand with some of the photos.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is the time of year I start questioning my small shoulder bag choice.  When you can't fit the strap over your newly bulked-out, winter-coat-wearing shoulders, it gets you thinking.  I haven't settled on a design for my own purposes yet--and let's be honest, between knitting projects and holiday orders, there's not a big chance of me having any time for Selfish Sewing before the snow melts--but this is a style I love.  The strap design is compatible with any size parka, plus, it's awesome to have some extra room for stowing a hat and mittens. 

Check out these ones from my Etsy shop...the Buck Satchel is just listed today!

Just Listed: Buck Satchel

Unicorn Satchel

Very special limited edition satchel!  The Stormtrooper Satchel