Monday, March 12, 2012

We Heart Andy Samberg + An Update!

Today we're going to talk about two things:  What Happened the Last Two Months and Andy Samberg.  In order of importance. 

1.  First, Andy.

There he is!

photo courtesy of

Awhile (much too long) ago I posted pics of a face cozy I'd made along with a call for new face ideas for the next project.  I got a lot of requests for presidents.  And really, I mean, presidents are great.  I love presidents.  And America!  But this guy right here, this is really what I was looking for. 

Once I started thinking about it,  I realized that a cozy was quite clearly too small a canvas for the magnitude of dorky genius begging to be captured.  So I reframed the project, going all the way back to the roots of my celebrity crush:  Rod Kimble, as portrayed in the national gem of a movie, Hot Rod.

And this is what I got:

A favorite scene from Hot Rod translated into stitching. 


Stitch Andy Samberg as Rod Kimble.

My stitch signature.

2.  Second, Update.

Gah.  Winter is weird.  Even this one, where I could still see the grass in February.  I have a very fragile psyche anytime after November, apparently regardless of annual snowfall percentages.  I was pretty much holding it together until I got myself entangled in The Awful Project.  Which we will not speak of, except to say that it basically killed any shred of will I had left to accomplish anything even borderline creative.  So I had to change tack for a few weeks, spending my time with the family or burying myself in kitchen therapy. (Wherein I learned how to make cheese.  CHEESE, people!  And what I have long suspected is apparently true:  cheese heals all.)

But its March now, and the cheese-making has worked its magic. It's time to come back. 

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