Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recycled Vintage

A couple purses featuring vintage fabrics: the tall blue tote and the squatty little lily pad purse are both crafted from vintage remnants I found. Recycling plastic bags is great, but I also love using vintage textiles. It's exciting to make something new from a material that has literally been waiting around for years. Awesome!

The tall blue tote is made from a heavy, burlap-ish fabric. I uncovered heaps of the fabric buried in the shelves of a thrift store. I accented the handles with vintage navy blue leather salvaged from an old coat, and piped all the edges for a clean shape.

The lily green bag features cuteness, a gathered flap and braceleted strap, and is lined with recycled plastic to help it hold its shape. Vintage textiles plus recycled plastic equals awesome fusion.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Another recycled plastic messenger makes its way into the world, bearing news of robots. Red and grey, with white patch of robotness on the flap, this bag features all the same heavyweight polypro straps as the others, as well as a pair of handy belt loop clips to keep the bag in place. You know, in case you want to ride your bike. Buy this bag.