Sunday, June 28, 2009

Zips at SF MOMA, plus an update!

So it's been just a bit since my last post, I know, since I've been all wrapped up in wholesale the last couple of months. But this is good news for Recycling is Rad, and I'm happy to show you a sampling of the new R-is-R zips now available at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA) museum store.

SF MOMA contacted me a while ago wanting bags with their label. These are some of the zips I sent them.

But it hasn't been just me and my sewing machine. In my living room we raised baby chicks to four adolescent chickens that are now scratching around the backyard. My sister got married. I assisted the catering of another wedding, for some reason. I went to Idaho for the first time. I visited Wisconsin's Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame (wow). I turned thirty. I made the digital switch. I finished my taxes. And now it's cycling season/beach season/growing things season/sitting on the front porch with a beer season, and I'm currently sporting the sunburn to prove it. Summer!