Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweater Bunnies!

I love this one! Definitely on the list of 2010's favorite projects. In early December my friend was talking to me about gift ideas she was hoping to have me make for her niece. She described a toy her grandmother had made when she was young: A family of small plush bunnies that lived inside a zippered carrot. This had awesomeness written all over it, and I was super pumped when she decided to go ahead with the order.

The original bunnies were made of terry cloth or fleece, but when I found a men's cable-knit cashmere sweater vest in a thrift store, I knew what had to be done. The adult bunnies are about five inches tall, and the tiny baby is about an inch. Tiny soft pillows of cuteness! I think my favorite part about this is the dad bunny's shirt and tie. I cut the skinny end off of a vintage tie I found, then rolled and knotted it. I did consider that putting the dad in a tie might be a little heavy on the old fashioned gender role side of things, but I decided in the end that 1. the re-making of a toy made 20 years ago by a grandmother should at least hint at the traditional and 2. smart fashion is timeless, even if you are a five-inch tall bunny made of cashmere and corduroy.

I also love that the bunnies are housed in a carrot, which doubles as carrying-case and storage. I have this secret obsession with fake food which might be a carry-over from never getting that play kitchen I wanted as a kid, and maybe also mixed in with my insane love of actual edible food too. Either way, yay fake food! And finally an excuse to make my own. Yes!

The body of the carrot was originally a duvet-cover which I cut to my pattern and quilted so the carrot would have some shape to it. And since the recipient is four years old, I used a pretty burly plastic zipper so it'd be easy for her to zip and unzip. The last thing I did was stitch her name onto the carrot greens. I hope she has a ton of fun with her sweater bunny family!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Etsy Discounts for Facebook Friends!

I wasn't sure if I was ready for Christmas yet, but last night we brought home the tree, and I got out my Sufjan Stevens Christmas album set, which around here is the official sign that I am in the Christmas spirit.

So now that that's out of the way, I'm ready to announce my Facebook Christmas Bonanza! I'm offering a 15% discount on items in my Etsy shop to all my Facebook fans. It's easy! Here's how to get in on the deal:

1. "Like" Recycling is Rad on Facebook, if you haven't already. Click the Facebook button on the left of the screen or go HERE. Yay! Now we're friends.

2. Shop my Etsy shop. Click the Etsy button on the left of the screen or go HERE. It looks like this:
3. When your cart is full of Recycling is Rad goodness, go to the checkout. You will have TWO payment options. Choose "other." Like this:

You'll still be able pay using either Paypal or a check, this just allows me to send you a discounted invoice without letting every single person on the internet get this deal. Because then it just wouldn't be special, would it facebook friend?

4. Spread the word.

Yay saving money and Christmas and recycling!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Craft Show Wrap-Up, Plus Etsy...

No idea how many miles we logged this weekend, many of them through the mountainous snow drifts also known as Michigan's roads. But there's no denying we had a great time. It was fantastic to see friends and support the crafty side of Traverse City. Big thanks to everyone who made it happen and/or made it out there to see us.

I shared a table with Buckets of Moonbeams, featuring the talents of my friend Noel, who makes handknit and felted purses and bowls, as well as the most scandocious hot pepper jam ever.
Orange Handknit Purse by Buckets of Moonbeams

Also at the show was Noel's husband, Troy DeShano, illustration artist and graphic designer who does some of my favorite work (including my logo and business card design!).
"A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" by Troy DeShano

Quality peoples and good times. I'm sorry if you missed it.

But now that I'm back home I have some good news if you weren't there...or if you were there and for some strange reason didn't leave with any R is R merch: I did not sell out. And this afternoon I listed a few of the unsold items in my Etsy shop. This is your chance: Go Shopping.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Craft Show Preview: Satchels!

Ok, this is it: last preview post, I promise. I patterned these satchels after this bag I made for my sister in the fall. Don't ask me why I fixated on the most time-consuming medium possible when I only had a month of production time. So I wasn't able to crank out a gazillion of these, just a very exclusive, limited run. I'll be selling these along with everything else (toys, cozies, zips, purses) at the Holla-Day Bazaar, although I totes want to keep one. Not that I could anyway: it's super uncool to carry a purse that matches your little sister's bag. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Craft Show Preview: Toys!

I had so much fun making these! Alone in what I hilariously refer to as "the studio," hunched over my worktable, trying out buttons for eyes, and giggling. That's how I spent the last few weeks. Even now I can't look at Albino Squirrel in his pleated wool pants without getting tears of laughter in my eyes.

Anyway, these and a lot more will be at the Holla-Day Bazaar with me (Saturday, December 11, 10am-5pm, InsideOut Gallery, Traverse City MI). Stop by and see us!