Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Upcycled Terrariums.

I've long defended our awkward ratio of houseplants to house with the argument that the greenery helps us all survive Minnesota's version of winter.  Which I think is actually probably true.  Aside from us just being happier having plants around us, indoor gardens can help to purify the otherwise stale air we breath all winter, when the doors and windows shut against the cold also keep out the fresh air. 

My finished jar terrarium, featuring some kind of fern, two or three mosses, a found antler and my favorite tiny blue bowl.

But of course my real concern is whether or not it's something I want to look at.  And lately, I'm in love with looking at terrariums.  There are probably a trillion possibilities of awesomeness, and they're super easy to put together and maintain.  (None of mine have died yet!)

I loosely followed guidelines in this book, but you can also visit your local garden store (some offer classes or terrarium kits), or find much more detailed step-by-step instructions here:

Teardrop terrarium with moss and the most adorable vintage squirrel miniatures my genius husb spotted at the thrift store.

Read about my process after the jump, plus more pictures!  (Thanks to the studly T.C. Worley, ace photographer for lending a hand with some of the photos.)