Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is the time of year I start questioning my small shoulder bag choice.  When you can't fit the strap over your newly bulked-out, winter-coat-wearing shoulders, it gets you thinking.  I haven't settled on a design for my own purposes yet--and let's be honest, between knitting projects and holiday orders, there's not a big chance of me having any time for Selfish Sewing before the snow melts--but this is a style I love.  The strap design is compatible with any size parka, plus, it's awesome to have some extra room for stowing a hat and mittens. 

Check out these ones from my Etsy shop...the Buck Satchel is just listed today!

Just Listed: Buck Satchel

Unicorn Satchel

Very special limited edition satchel!  The Stormtrooper Satchel

Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter Friends.

I'm not trying to jump the gun or anything (believe me, I'm clinging to fall like the rest of you).  But once I dug out my knitting (and crochet) gear a few weeks ago, I've been obsessed:  going to yarn stores, spending hours looking at patterns on the internet, plotting a ginormous mental list of projects I will never finish, and also actually knitting stuff.  So when I was finishing the hand sewing on these guys, I couldn't resist adding some winter accessories.  Tiny, tiny winter accessories.  All the winter friends (and more details) are available in my Etsy store.

Winter Squirrel wearing a crocheted wool stocking cap.

Winter Raccoon wrapped up in a green handknit wool scarf.

Winter Fox with a knit wool hat to keep his ears warm.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Octopus: Small Recycled Plastic Messenger Bag

It's true, I've been a little caught up in all things fabric as of late.  For handbags, cozies, and toys, it's hard to beat repurposing an awesome vintage--or not so vintage--textile.  But for more rugged or all-purpose uses, recycled plastic is my go-to medium.  These new messenger bags are great all-weather commuters, if you're brave like that, and for the less daring: gym bag, errand bag, overnight bag.  Etcetera. 

Thank You: Small Recycled Plastic Messenger Bag

The small version of the messenger is still big enough for a laptop + miscellaneous, and its generous flap and heavy-duty velcro is designed to keep the weather out.  Get all the details by checking out the individual listings in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Cozies

Radiant MN and Blue Antler Beer Cozies

Two new cozies just made their way into my Etsy shop, wooly and plaid since it's fall.  I both love and hate the season for everything it brings my way.  The colder temps chase me out of the weather more often than not, but I try to get out there whenever I can stand it...no snow on the ground yet!  So for all the true diehards still hanging on in backyards across the Midwest, clutching their beers with icy hands, these cozies are for you. 

Blue Antlers Wool Beer Cozy

Radiant MN Wool Beer Cozy

Both stitch designs come from my MN Love Series.  The state is pretty obvious, I know.  As for the antlers, well, technically I guess you can and should love the antler aesthetic wherever you're from.  But I like to think that growing up in the Midwest, all those trophy mounts my friends' dads had hung all over their paneled basements, nutured an especially soft spot in my heart for the sentimental kitsch of it.  But it's true, antlers are just beautiful.

Radiant MN and Blue Antlers Wool Beer Cozies

 I also chose fabrics that seemed most fitting to my home state and region--wool plaid.  The burly orange and green wool was a sadly moth-eaten (and possibly accidentally shrunk in someone's laundry?  It was strangely misshapen.) jacket, and the grey plaid was a grandma's wool skirt, a homemade one at that.  Since both items were no longer useful in their current states, I was happy to send them on to their next life.   Of beer-hugging awesomeness!

Blue Antlers Detail