Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things with Antlers

I'm thinking about antlers today because one of my jobs for the day is to find a single shed antler that is stored somewhere in our (scary) garage. We've decided that what's really missing from the decor of our 1920's Minneapolis bungalow is a set of antlers, so I'm designing a wall-mount using some of the miscellaneous shed antlers we've collected during trips into the forest. I can't really get started until I find the last antler, and I've been putting off going out to the garage for at least a week, so today's the day.

Although obviously the first step is looking at pictures of antlers on the internet. Look! A bike with antlers! Killer.

Antler Bike by Jenny Nordberg

Antlers are these amazing works of art that grow out of animals' heads, and while of course they have survival-driven purposes, they're also beautiful to look at. The whitetail deer we have in Minnesota grow their antlers just for the season of love (dudes only) in order to attract the ladies and get in spectacular fights. Then the antlers just fall out like loose teeth. It's so weird and cool, and I am totally taken with the whole aesthetic.

Anyway, here are some things I made with antlers on them!

Antlers 2 beer cozy from my MN Love Series. (Sold)

Stag Satchel designed and made for my sister. (So, not for sale.)

Heart Antlers Plaid Satchel. (For sale:

If I ever do make it to the garage (and out alive), and get those antlers on the wall, I'll post some photos of those, too.

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  1. This post made me very happy. And I sort of want an antler bike now. And I wish that humans had an antler-courtship-equivalent. I'm pretty sure we don't, though.