Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Cozy Excitement=Yay!

My friends. It is cozy time. We have a billion inches of snow, it is freezing out there, and the icicles on my house have reached the potentially lethal level. I generally classify myself as a winter-hater, but this year I'm trying on a better attitude. We'll see how long it lasts, but yesteday I did the unthinkable and went for a run. Outside. Basically anything could happen next.


My point is, I made some cozies. For you to look at. And buy. Or win. What?! Yes. I'm sharing my irrationally positive attitude by way of A Winter Giveaway(s...there might be more!). At the end of January I'm going to draw a name from my cache of Facebook friends, and the lucky winner, wins! A cozy! Deets below...

Contest Rules:
1. To enter your name in the drawing, be my Facebook friend. (The button's on the left or: www.facebook.com/recyclingisrad)
2. To enter your name TWICE in the drawing (What?!), write me a hilarious joke on R is R's facebook wall. To make it more interesting, dirty jokes don't count. You know I mean business because it's in bold.
3. Here is the cozy the winner will win:

Octopus Cozy: The Outside

Octopus Cozy: Awesome Paisley Lining

It's already the 4th of January! Let the friending and joking begin!

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