Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stuff That is New.

Hey people!  I got new stuff. 

Like this stuff: 

Large Recycled Plastic Planter
Recycled plastic planters.  Yes. 

Medium Recycled Plastic Planter
Stick a fern in one of these babies and you're pretty much just begging for the citizen of the universe award.

Medium Recycled Plastic Planter #2
Recycled plastic planters: Get them now.  Visit my Etsy shop for all the styles and sizes available, or to put in a request for a custom set.

And hey! This is some other stuff:

Hand-painted Wood Napkin Rings
Embroidered Owl Set

Hand-painted S&P
 It's summer, we feel awesome, and there's new stuff.  Oh yeah, and even more new stuff is on the way.  So visit my Etsy shop now and often to get a load of it.