Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Break Project 09

My project for last year's Christmas Break was to learn to knit, which I kind of did. Anything in a straight(ish) line. (Read: a scarf.)

Not understanding my handicap, this year the husb asked if I would knit him some lobster claw gloves. Being a cyclist and generally adventurous, mittens tend to get in his way. (As part of his petition, he even demonstrated how dangerous it is to drive a car wearing standard mittens.) This project required nerves of steel, your basic math skills, and four knitting needles, but once I figured it out, I was pretty happy with myself. As was Mr. Adventurepants.

You try it.

OOPS: When I first posted this, I forgot to give the photo credit to my one of my great friends of all time, Pavel Romaniko, who was visiting for the holidays when I finished this project. Besides being an all-around nice guy and fantastic artist, Pavel also makes a top-notch pelmeni.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Horse and the Cow

I mostly avoid denim in my work, just out of personal preference and too many terrifying vest flashbacks. But I made an exception for the Horse and the Cow, farm toys for farm kids made from farm pants (and shirts and coats). I'm actually a little sad that my Christmas orders are done and there are no more toys to make. Though I need the next couple of days to wrap up my own projects, so it all works out. Anyway:

The Horse.

And the Cow.

Kids Rule

Joyous Holiday Time has been BUSY this year. A lot of orders rolled through here over the past two months, but these are some of my favorite pieces.

Robot Ninja Puppet is repurposed wool, a little necktie, and a lot of buttons. He's lined with cushy yellow fleece.
And he's rechargeable!

Pink Unicorn and Purple Rainbow Unicorn Puppets are also a compilation of repurposed scraps and awesomeness. And they have magic powers.