Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wall Tote on Etsy

Just listed this medium tote on Etsy for your viewing (or buying) pleasure. The randomized print pattern features print designs that appeared to be pretty vintage. I have no way of knowing how long ago the plastic was printed, but a lot of the bags I used for this one had a graphic aesthetic that current plastic packaging mostly lacks. Either way, I like all the text and imagery that ended up in this one.

The deets: The medium tote has a flat front pocket that's nice for stashing mail, receipts, or papers, and an interior pouch pocket keeps tabs on your keys and other small goods. A magnetic snap holds it shut when needed. Durable recycled plastic material wipes clean, and if you spill your coffee inside (I can attest to the possibility of this), you can even rinse it out and let it dry. Wrap around double straps of heavy-duty polypro provide great support, making this a good market bag, everyday bag, or carry-all. Get it, or get the facts, HERE.

Wool-Lined Winery Commuter

Sometimes someone will ask me to do something I've never done before, something I'm not immediately sure I can manage while also making it look good. Typically I'll give it some thought, come up with a plan, tell the customer what I can do, and proceed directly to the Creative Freakout.

During this stage, I :
lay on the floor wondering what exactly I'm trying to pull,
suddenly have a great idea,
lay on the floor and feel immense hatred for all of my ideas,
am excited about a new challenge
lay on the floor and lose the ability to make any kind of decision
get up and make an espresso.

Hopefully and very eventually this cycle ends in an actual finished product, and this time, when it was all over, I was in love the results. Not only does this messenger bag have a very different look from many I've made before, it also has some awesome features. It's fully lined with 100% wool felt, has an additional chest strap for stability while riding, and a wine bottle sleeve for bike trips to the local winery.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Messenger Bags for a Bicycle Commuter

My first order for the year was for this pair of medium messenger bags, one of them outfitted with extra features (belt loop clips and extra chest strap) for winter bike commutes through the cities. The customer requested the design layouts for both bags, and I think they turned out great. It also makes me super happy to know that there are people way more hardcore than me out there riding their bikes to work despite the fact that it's January and this is Minnesota. Current temp: one degree.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Like It: Chrismas Break 09 Edition

Christmas Break is officially over, and the dudes got back on the bus for school this morning. The house is trashed and quiet. It's a new year, the aughts are done, and I'm launching a new segment of my blog: I Like It. The occasional post that's less about what I've made and more about the stuff I like. Because sometimes stuff is just awesome: brilliant-awesome or beautiful-awesome or break-your-heart-awesome. And this one is a little bit of all of that.

Where the Wild Things Are.

I will just say that I cried through the whole thing, and that it was perfect. (ps: Dave Eggers is a freaking genius.)