Friday, January 28, 2011

Lion Pillow + Drawing Deadline

Some things!

1. I made a gold lion pillow. Originally, the potato print pillow I made was going to be this one instead. I'm not sure what sidetracked me (potatoes?)'s kind of a frequent occurrence.

The design is based on vintage children's book illustrations. Not any one in particular, just drawing on the slide show in my brain and that nostalgic sense that type of illustration has. My screenprinting process is very by-hand and leaves a lot of room for minor variations of character, which I typically really like. I love how this lion print turned out, and there's something about the gold ink and corduroy together that gratifies my tactile side. Check him out in my Etsy shop.

2. The deadline for the drawing is Monday! It's happening 1.31.11 at High Noon. If you aren't following me yet on Facebook, be sure to join in time to be part of the drawing. You can find all the details plus photos of what the winner will recieve HERE.

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