Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wristlets on Etsy

Happy February! Once we get to this month, I can imagine March, which is followed by April, when even in Minnesota the snow will start to melt. Grass! I can picture it, the scrubby little light at the end of winter's tunnel. Word on the street is that the groundhog predicts an early spring, and that he's got a 38% accuracy rating. Glorious.

Plus, it's almost Valentines' Day, a holiday I adore for all it's staggering cheesiness. I love cheese! And heart-shaped food. And anything involving glue, (required for the making of valentines...I also love valentines!). It's the perfect holiday, really.

So, I'm excited. Clearly. Though it is highly possible we will get an Armageddon-level crusher of a snow storm next week and my good mood will be spoiled. In the meantime, I posted some new wristlets on Etsy. And here they are!

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