Friday, February 25, 2011


I am thoroughly creatively blocked this week. I've been wandering around my work space looking at stuff and just feeling antsy. I attempted to make SOMETHING yesterday and it turned into a tote bag that looked like a loaf of bread someone had dropped from the third story. Also, it was beige. Boo.

This happens.

I think part of my brain runs on pictures*, and when I get stuck, looking at cool stuff can be inspiring. So instead of wasting more material on awful projects, I'm looking at things on the internet (Yay Internet!). Category: Green Things You Can Keep in Your House. Go.


Mixed Bag of Three Small Air Plants by ToHold

These air plants are tillandsias and are members of the pineapple family. And also, they are super cool. Air plants collect all the necessary water and nutrients through their leaves instead of their roots. In nature, their roots are used for anchoring purposes, but in your house they can hang out almost anywhere and be totally happy. Mine are perched near the stereo.


Wally One by Wooly Pocket

I love the idea of vertical gardens and someday I will have a living wall. Or maybe a green roof. Or maybe both! Or maybe I should just move to a forest in a much warmer state? Too bad I love Minneapolis so darn much.


Ok, so these are on the internet, but technically I made them. But they fit the category, and I love the photos (taken, obviously, by the mega talent Studio Blue). The pots are great; one of my favorite plants is potted in one in my living room. And sometimes it's good to look at past projects you're actually proud of, and remind yourself that not everything has to end up beige. (Seriously...what was I thinking?)

*The rest of my brain probably runs on music. My smart friend suggested this as a cure: The King of Limbs

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