Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is the time of year I start questioning my small shoulder bag choice.  When you can't fit the strap over your newly bulked-out, winter-coat-wearing shoulders, it gets you thinking.  I haven't settled on a design for my own purposes yet--and let's be honest, between knitting projects and holiday orders, there's not a big chance of me having any time for Selfish Sewing before the snow melts--but this is a style I love.  The strap design is compatible with any size parka, plus, it's awesome to have some extra room for stowing a hat and mittens. 

Check out these ones from my Etsy shop...the Buck Satchel is just listed today!

Just Listed: Buck Satchel

Unicorn Satchel

Very special limited edition satchel!  The Stormtrooper Satchel

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