Friday, November 11, 2011


Octopus: Small Recycled Plastic Messenger Bag

It's true, I've been a little caught up in all things fabric as of late.  For handbags, cozies, and toys, it's hard to beat repurposing an awesome vintage--or not so vintage--textile.  But for more rugged or all-purpose uses, recycled plastic is my go-to medium.  These new messenger bags are great all-weather commuters, if you're brave like that, and for the less daring: gym bag, errand bag, overnight bag.  Etcetera. 

Thank You: Small Recycled Plastic Messenger Bag

The small version of the messenger is still big enough for a laptop + miscellaneous, and its generous flap and heavy-duty velcro is designed to keep the weather out.  Get all the details by checking out the individual listings in my Etsy shop.

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