Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your Face Here?

James, in thread and flannel.

Ah, the face cozy.  I mean, what's better than having your likeness immortalized in thread?  This guy is my bro-in-law in one of his more "Father Winter" phases.  (It can get pretty cold in MN.) A couple of years ago I made one of my sister, so I thought it was only fair they both had one. 

I'm currently in the midst of what is, for me, a pretty ambitious hand-stitching project (I'm afraid to call it embroidery because I'm self-taught and therefore assume to be somehow less legit).  But of course in the middle of one thing, I have great visions for what's next.  Which is a whole series of face cozies.  Featuring what faces, I haven't decided yet.  Maybe you have a suggestion?  Maybe your face?  Leave your ideas in the comments or hit me up on Facebook.


  1. I like the face cozy. I've never seen one before. Obviously you are a creative person with a great sense of style. Thank you for sharing.

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