Monday, March 28, 2011

i heart cozies.

I just got back from taking a week to thaw out in the Florida Keys with The Husb. There was a lot of walking, and eating, some biking and kayaking, but mostly we had a fantastic time doing almost nothing but remembering what the sun feels like. (Magic. Magic is what it feels like, in case you live in Minnesota like me and are still snowed in.)

And despite the severe and snowy setback we had here in Minneapolis while I was away, my sights are still set on spring and summer. I have to believe that there WILL be a day in my future that finds me drinking a beer in the backyard sun. So in that hope, and with only days left till the end of R is R's March Sale, let's look at some cozies before that beer gets warm:

Hand stitched original custom design: My Sister's Face Cozy**

(**getting your mug stitched onto a cozy is about as custom as it gets, with the added bonus of never again confusing your beer with someone else's...germs are bad. send custom order requests to Recycling is Rad March Sale prices DO APPLY to any and all custom orders placed this month. act fast.)

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