Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Husband is Ridiculous

My Living Room Wall: White Doe by Rachel Denny

(Ridiculously awesome.)

THIS was my (significantly belated but not any less freaking amazing) Valentine's gift this year. You guys, it's hanging on my living room wall right this second. This is an actual picture of my living room wall. What? I have to keep looking at it to make sure it's real. This enormous box came in the mail today, and I started hyperventilating as soon as I saw the return address. Also, I could not stop hugging it after I got it unwrapped. The Husb finally pried it out of my arms so we could hang it on the wall. Wow. I. LOVE. THIS.

We came across Rachel Denny's work via something somewhere on the Internet about a month ago and I haven't stopped thinking about her since. The Husb must have gotten a sense of this and realized his chance to completely waste me in the Battle of Best Presents Ever. Which I am ok with.

I have to go and look at my cable knit doe some more now, but first I have to insist you all go check out Rachel Denny's site right this very second: www.racheldenny.com


  1. I think TC posted this recently. Or maybe you did? Goodness. I am a bit brain-dead. The point being: is this deer really made entirely of yarn? Because I can get behind that.

    (also, this brings up a faint yet recent memory of an older friend's older brother finding me "hot" (i was horrified) because I was able to identify the number of points on the antlers he had recently had mounted after shooting a buck (sadly, all I had to do was COUNT them). Because I am from Wisconsin, of course, not because I have ever hunted. Or mounted a buck. Which sounds kind of dirty, so maybe I'm not saying that properly. And, again, I am brain-dead right now.)

    The point being: TC is awesome, and I can't wait to see your living room again at some point when I can actually make my way to the Cities.

  2. TC did share a pic on Facebook when we first found Rachel Denny's work. The doe is sweatered, but is foam on the inside I think. When I think about her figuring out how to sew sweater pieces to fit perfectly, my brain explodes. She also has several pieces that are antlered bucks, which...I mean, how is that even possible?