Thursday, March 31, 2011

Custom Orders + Spokane Rocks

First of all, I need to thank all the R is R friends in Spokane, Washington. Your business and support has been fantastic, and a really big thanks to the Yoga Shala for being awesome. I'm truly thrilled that I'll have the chance to visit and thank some of you in person during the Women's Weekend May 20-22nd.  Yay Spokane!

And now, a word on custom orders...

I say all the time that R is R hearts custom orders, and it's totally true. Being the sole designer, crafter, supply-gatherer, and whatever else I do around here gives me lots of freedom to create some really crazy custom stuff. I've filled a range of super vague to insanely specific requests for purses, toys, cozies, messenger bags, and lots more.

In fact, my friend Katie, who rallies the R is R Spokane contingent, is responsible for my favorite custom order ever: A purse imbued with hope.  (Obviously a bold and shiny raspberry wristlet that is deceptively tiny and yet holds the universe.)

Placing a custom order is as simple as sending me an email.  I'll work with you from concept through production to create the bag (or cozy or toy....) that's perfect for you, and you get to be as involved as you want to be in the making of something totally yours, handcrafted, and best of all, sustainably made.  If you're interested in placing your own custom order, email me at, and we'll get the conversation started.

In the meantime,  a few of my favorites:

Barn Swallow Winery Commuter

Wool Felt Interior and Wine Bottle Pocket: Barn Swallow Winery Commuter

Laptop/Carry-All with Hand Screenprinted Logo for Baroque Design

Logo Screenprint and Button Closure

Bag Interior: Laptop/Carry-All for Baroque Design

Hand Stitched Original Design: My Sister's Face Cozy

Sweater Bunny Family

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  1. My excitement to see you in May knows no bounds!