Monday, November 26, 2007

Recycling Shopping Bags

So, here's the latest batch of my recycled wares. I make the material myself out of old plastic shopping bags and whatnots. Then sew it into whatever my heart (or yours) desires. Like this assortment.

The aqua zippered case I'm kind of excited about because it's a new take on what I've already done, and also, the images across the front came from a piece of plastic cut from something somewhere that I've been saving for a long time for just the right bag. And I just really like those colors.

Another thing I tried that I've been meaning to is using a cut-out. I did that with the umbrella satchel. That was my first attempt, and I feel like I'll probably end up doing more with that. I like using some fabric/textile items as well as the plastic because I spend a lot of time in thrift stores finding things that need to be recycled. I made the plastic part of the umbrella satchel out of bubble wrap. All the bubbles melted down, but you can see the circles they left if you look close.


  1. I still think you need to have a special signature or trade mark on your bags to let people know they own an official "worley" bag. Of course you never listen to me anyway so why start now....