Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Everything Old is Wonderful

Aside from the normal riff-raff I make, I haven't even touched any real vintage textiles in quite a while. Which I would say was my first love, if I didn't realize that it would be too cheesy to say such a thing. Then--Yay!--I got a custom order for a handbag made from grey leather (you can find that one in an earlier post...), and not long after that, a request from a good friend for a fantastic birthday clutch that was imbued with hope. (That was the actual custom order, I promise.) I felt that raspberry vinyl was imbued with hope and a love of all things 1980. That would be the clutch in the first photo.

Anyway, all that got me started using some vintage stuff again, which is still recycling, if not quite the same level as making stuff out of tossed out plastic shopping bags. Instead, I've been recycling lengthy vintage burgundy leather trench coats and bright red old leather blazers. I'm not like a style consultant or anything, but I don't feel sorry for removing those items from circulation.

The raspberry clutch is already prancing around Washington, but you can find the other two in my Etsy shop.

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  1. well, shizzle. now i have to purchase that brown purse because I love it too much. this is not something I can afford at the moment due to having spent $750 on my credit card during birthday weekend (but mostly that was bras and undies and new, tiny clothing!), but ... I LOVE THE BROWN PURSE! Not as much as I love my bag (which truly is imbued with hope), but nearly the same amount. I shall be visiting etsy post haste.