Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pink Squirrel Bag

Every time I see this bag, I start singing "Red squirrel in the morning..." in my head. But to be clear, the plastic I used for the squirrel is actually bright pink, so. I love the all-white look, and the inside is lined with a pale grey wool flannel and has an interior water bottle pocket. Although, I lamely forgot to get photos of the interior. I was and still am fighting some kind of vague head cold, so the fact that I'm even upright here is impressive.

Here's a closer view of the squirrel graphic. Instead of doing the straight-up silhouette cut-out that I usually do for graphics, I drew this onto a piece of plastic bag with a sharpie, originally just to get the idea of it going, but then thought it looked kind of awesome that way, so I went ahead and fused with the sketch lines. I wasn't sure how they'd react to the heat and layering, but I'm pretty happy with the end result.

Also, did I mention I rode a fixed gear for the first time ever for this photo shoot? You can tell by my face how much I love trying new things. Actually, it was secretly awesome. Mostly I was just nervous because this particular fixed gear is this truly sweet custom bike my husband has on loan from local (and ridiculously rad) builder Peacock Groove for photographing purposes. Not the bike you want to crash into your own garage on. Most of the bike doesn't show up in these shots, but TC will be doing a more extensive shoot (of just the bike) soon and those photos will likely end up on his site in the very near future.
A stability strap is pretty much a must-have if you ever plan to wear a messenger bag AND ride a bike at the same time. Nothing makes me want to ride screaming into traffic like a slidey bag.

So, that's the bag. I kind of want to keep it, but it's already been claimed. You want one, give me a call.


  1. A few things. First: single speed bike? HIPSTER. (!!!) Seriously. I don't even know you anymore. Tee hee.

    Also, pink squirrel? With sharpie detailing? AMAZING.

    Also, the look on your face is priceless.

    For some reason while sitting in my 2nd hand recliner reading a (really awesome) book, I have been missing you and thinking about how much I want to be your neighbor so we can cook creative things. I read a long piece about the new underground food craziness emerging in Spokane, and it made me happy and sad. Why is food today all bacon dust and potato-chervil "windows" and foam?

  2. Also. WAIT! Why does the aforementioned fixed gear bike have a break on it? i guess you are not a hipster after all. All i want in the world right now is to see you wearing 2-sizes-too-small low-riding boyfriend jeans on this bike ... or, more specifically, wearing those jeans whilst climbing off the bike b/c it is too difficult to ride said bike up even the smallest hill.

  3. so cute! the extra strap is genius!