Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MN Grown Dinner

We went the Mill City Farmer's Market last weekend. It was a rainy Saturday morning, but the market was busy anyway, and we loaded up on tons of beautiful local organic produce. Then I got kind of busy and only got around to making a fabulous meal out of it all yesterday, with some contributors from my backyard as well (both from the garden and from the chickens!). These are Spinach and Leek Mini Quiches with Goat Cheese and a Tomato Arugula Salad with Basil and Parsley. I forgot to line the muffin tins I made the quiches in, so they were kind of haggard by the time I got them plated, which made me pretty crabby (I want my food to be beautiful AND delicious), but regardless, everything tasted really great. I'll definitely be making this meal again, and also, hooray for leftovers.


  1. Did i tell you I have those plates? I got them at a junk store here in Spokane, and I bought them b/c they make me think of you. Also, the mini quiches look really rustic and lovely, and I wish I could eat one right now!

  2. These plates make me so happy! I'm glad you have some too...and they're perfect portion size.