Saturday, September 4, 2010

MN Love Project

I decided my fall project is going to be a Minnesota series of designs. After this post, I was kind of hooked on quilting wool and flannel, so I'm building a whole series of cozies around the concept of being a Minnesotan. Fall and flannel and beer!

So far I've created two designs, and over the last couple of days have been playing around with mediums. Yesterday I came up with this:

I liked it, but I felt like it was missing something. Like kitsch. So I spent my Saturday morning coming up with this:

And also this:

The Antlers and Radiant MN designs are both embroidered in a chain stitch on repurposed fabrics, which I then sewed to quilted panels of wool, also repurposed, yes. The elastic tabs are adjustable and secure with a velcro closure. (You can read a cozy's list of functions here.)

Here's the set so far:

These two, as well as the first version of the Antler design, are available in my Etsy shop. I'll be posting more sets as they're finished, so check back for more designs and renditions in the series throughout the fall.


  1. I mean, I like almost everything that you do, but I want these really really bad.

  2. also, you should remember that my birthday is coming up!

  3. and I love minnesota!! and stags!!!

  4. dear A:

    1. thank you for your unbridled enthusiasm.

    2. what's not to love?