Friday, July 15, 2011

Quite Strong

I know, I'm horrible.  It's been way too long.  But you know, summer = crazy busy.  I have been:  filling custom orders, going to bike races, sewing, cleaning out the basement, driving to Wisconsin, camping, going to the lake, building forts in the backyard, filling a CorAzon order, and having bonfires.  See?  So busy.

But.  In way more interesting news, let's talk Quite Strong.

The Quite Strong Home Page:

Quite Strong--"creatives of the female variety"--is an awesome site put together by smart ladies that's part resource page, part support group.  The site's founders are based in Chicago, but the creative women profiled there are all over the map.  And as of last week, you can find me representing Mpls (girl!) at the top of the "B" listings (Bekah Worley).  Each profile shows samples of the artist's work, bio and contact info, plus a little wisdom on working in the creative field.  Definitely worth a look if you're a creative, or a woman, or just like creative women.

My Profile on Quite Strong's Lust List


  1. Congrats, that's awesome! Seth and I rock our cycling bags almost daily. We LOVE them!

  2. You're a fiber artist? You're a fiber artist!