Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Your State on a Cozy Sweepstakes!

Friends!  August's cozy drawing is finally here!

Your State on a Cozy Sweepstakes.

That's right.  The state you love lovingly stitched onto a cozy.  Basically a once in a lifetime chance is what we're talking about here, and the rules are simple.

First, select your favorite state, or if you can't pick a favorite (I hate decisions), just pick one you really like.  Here's one I really like:

Yes! Michigan!  (Map courtesy of geology.com)

And I know lots of great people who live in this state:

By and by: Washington!  (Map courtesy of http://parks.wa.gov)

And here are the rest of them:

USA! USA! (Map courtesy of ggdrink.com)

Now that you've made your choice, make sure you're entered in the drawing or all that choosing will be for naught.  You can enter by following R is R on Facebook, or by subscribing to this blog.  Anyone who enters both ways gets their name in the hat TWICE.  Holla.

Drawing will take place on the last day of August 2011; one winner, one cozy, one state.  Also, as far as I know all official R is R fans are stateside, but if we gather any non-U.S. residents as friends in this process, I'm happy to adjust "state" to "any geographic boundaries which you love or live within" as long as a map of that place exists.  

This isn't part of the rules, it's just a picture of the state I chose made into a cozy:

Star of the North: MN!


  1. I already follow you on FB, but I just subscribed to your blog. because I desperately need the state of washington embroidered on a cozy.

  2. Katie, I do love Washington. Spread the word, because I'm secretly hoping the winning state is something besides MN since I've already done that one a bunch. Less secretly now that I wrote this on the Internets. Geography! Geography!

  3. California, for my entry. Or Washington, since that's where the ' rents live.