Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 Bow Wristlets.

I don't own as many handbags as you might think, of my own design or otherwise.

(Aside: I have this thing for vintage purses, especially anything leather or just a little bit weird, except that I hate the stab of guilt I feel whenever I happen to be carrying one and someone asks me the obvious, "Holy Craps Girl!  Did you make that?!"  For shame!)

But I've been carrying my current purse (my design) for a bit now and the coming of a new season has me thinking about a new style.  We're still in the thinking phase though; give it a few months.  I like to wait till I've finished up an especially big order before taking the time to craft something just for me...or at least till I come across a fabric I can't go on without.  Until that time, let's look at these two wristlets (with bows!) I just posted to my Etsy store, both in really great fall fabrics.  

Orange and Olive Wristlet...with Plus Signs!

Purple Tweed Wristlet

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