Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Computer Gear

I recently designed this laptop sleeve for a custom order. Like the Nerd Gear Laptop Bag, it provides a safe home for your computer. Only without all those cumbersome straps and whatnot. The perfect little envelope home of recycled plastic joy for storing or carrying your laptop.

This project is the first I've done with plastic for quite a bit, as it's been summer and my boys are home, but I'm planning to get a real batch out as soon as I wrap up a couple of those awesome home improvement projects.

Also: like sculls? www.sculladay.com


  1. Bekah, you're brilliant, creative, and highly inspirational. Other than this laptop case, my favorite creation is the yellow "Caution" messenger bag. I've been wanting to create a recycled-materials messenger bag for a while now, and I think I'll give it a go.

  2. oh man.

    that's alot of doggie bags...

    nice work!

    i have to get you introduced to some of my other crafty friends.
    y'all could take over the world.