Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beads of Hippy Happiness

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day about how apparently, the entire world is insane, and that occasionally the only real cure is a meal of delicious hippy pancakes. Then you forget how angry you are, and just feel happy that there's such a thing as organic unsalted butter.

And I have no transition to move you to look at this bag I recently made, as it really has nothing to do with pancakes; they just seemed important at the moment. What you could do is take this bag with you to the store and use it to carry some maple syrup home. Other features include the really great vintage tablecloth I found to make into this bag, a magnetic snap to keep things inside, a small inside pocket for things you want to find, and especially the vintage assortment of wooden beads on the strap.

Also, this bag is for sale!

1 comment:

  1. i'm so happy right now. hippy happiness, i believe, has been an invention of mine recently (hence the hippy pancakes), and I'm really glad that this concept inspired this bag. or, at the least, this post. I am like a muse.

    also, this bag is dangerously close to being purchased by me, as it sort of meets the "make me something I can carry at the beach in hawaii! go!" criterion.

    most important of all, i would really like to eat some organic unsalted butter now. (and it's on sale at Huckleberry's right now! it is still 1 million dollars per pound, but how can i argue? the cows that made it are happy!)