Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clutch Fabulous!

I love the idea of the clutch.  I love its size, and I even love its name, so descriptive and perfect and small.  It's a little bit of a purse, and all of its character-qualities and fashion sense and general know-how get condensed down into this hand-sized item that is so much more tactile than its larger brethren of handbags.
And technically, I think you call this one a wristlet because of its little strap, but I'm going to brush past that little piece of data, since wristlet is kind of a stupid word, and sounds like something you'd wear under house-arrest.  
Anyway, this clutch is spoken for, but I can always make more.  (And FYI, friends, custom orders are a) fantastic b) priced the same as pre-made items c) available by contacting me HERE, and d) all the rage.) Its special qualities include the strap we've already been over, the adorable shade of leather which previously existed as a calf-length, shoulder-padded trench coat, custom credit-card slots and phone pocket inside, and double magnetic-snap closure.

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