Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get OUT!

Yo.  So, approximately one year ago I made a messenger bag from the caution tape used to mark off the course for my husband's first cyclocross race.  See?  I received a lot of great feedback on that bag, and kind of always meant to make a few more along those same lines.  But, you know.  Then, on my birthday date, husband and I drove past a road sign with a bunch of DO NOT ENTER tape flailing around it.  Which I harvested, in birthday dress and birthday heels.  And turned into this fantastic messenger.  

You may notice that the design has been updated since the original Caution Tape Messenger, and with good reason.  My helpy helper husband carried that bag all over the cities on his bike, in all kinds of weather, just to test the design.  Via his reports, plus input from friend SuperRookie, and some of my own research, the messenger was re-designed.  To be awesomer, more weather-proof, and to last longer.  (More details here....)

And p.s. for no real reason at all, I'd like to send some props along the the team who sponsored that first cyclocross race, Velocross.  Only the greatest cycling team EVER, Team Awesome, also known as Little Guy Racing.  


  1. i have a whole box of yellow tape from that race...
    i should try to get that to you.