Thursday, November 27, 2008

Doorbusters for the Green Geeks

Apparently, there actually are people who wake up for those post-Thanksgiving 4am doorbusters. Fall into gravy-laden dreams after dinner knowing their alarm is set, that in a mere hours, in what most of us call the middle of the night, they will wake up and go out into the cold with their sights on the American dream of a free cordless drill and 25% off apparel for the whole family. For myself, I hate the mall and I love to sleep, so I've never attempted such a feat.  I prefer to save my excitement for the It's-Christmas-Eve-and-I-Haven't-Bought-You-a-Present-Yet shopping expedition.  But this year, in the spirit of sleeping in to be thankful for, Recycling is Rad is having an ALL WEEKEND ANTI-DOORBUSTER SALE!  Starting now.  Go.  

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