Monday, October 11, 2010

I Heart my Bicycle

This morning my boys and I walked out the front door just in time to see their bus pulling away from the stop. We're a one (drivable) car family at the moment, and that one drivable car was already somewhere in Northeast Minneapolis by then. Not cool. But we happen to be having the most amazing fall ever, and it was already in the mid-sixties, so after a lot of complaining about the poor bus driver, we all got our bikes and rode the four miles to their school.

Yes, they were late to school, but it's not possible to stress out while pedaling through sunny neighborhood streets with the leaves falling around you. Generally I'm not a fan of the fall, since it means summer's over and winter's next, but this was a pretty awesome morning. And every time I get on my bike I think the same thought: I love you bike!

I also love my small messenger bag. It's the perfect size for holding what I need--lock, water bottle, sweatshirt, keys and phone, etc--without feeling like I'm towing a VW. Sometimes big is good, like if I'm headed to the grocery store or carrying a package to the P.O. But I like to travel light when it's possible, and this was a perfect morning for it.

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