Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Messenger on Etsy

Since the start of fall I've had a few requests to get some messenger bags up on Etsy. I've had other fish to fry. BUT. As a peace offering, I listed one there for you today. It's a large, with plenty of room for whatever it is you people need to carry around. And just in time too, with the weather here in the Midwest really starting to hit the fan, as they say. This bag is a perfect all-weather commuter...the recycled plastic material combined with the bag's fold-over flap design keeps out the wind, rain, snow, sleet, and what-have-you.

Plus: I upgraded the strap material to a heavyweight polyester seatbelt webbing that's stronger, more durable, and super abrasion-resistant. Other notable features include velcro flap closure, bright whites and yellows to keep you extra visible, interior pouch pocket for your keys and phone, AND use of actual caution tape harvested from the very first VeloCX cylcocross race hosted by Minneapolis' own Behind Bars Cycling Team. Just a little piece of history folks.

Get the details, get the bag, HERE.

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