Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Made Even More Purses + Spokane is Fun

You guys, I'm leaving for Spokane tomorrow!  Excitement abounds!  I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of awesome people out there and hanging with my girl KT.  If you happen to be attending the Womanhood Weekend as well, you have to stop by my table and say hi!  I'll be selling my handmade bags,  as well as cozies, zips, and maybe a few toys, plus I'll be taking orders for custom items.  And!  Don't forget about the Yoga Tote.  That's gonna be there too.

Anyway, I'm pretty much out of time for any more making of things, so this here's your last preview of stuff I'll be taking with me.  And I have to say that while I always like the purses that make it to salable status, there's sometimes one or two that I kind of psychotically adore.  And this red and blue plaid is one of those.  Those colors?  Please.  It's like what you get when you mix Paul Bunyan with Even More Awesomeness.  Plus, it's a fun contrast to the subtler tones in many of the fabrics I've been using this season.

Paul Bunyan Purse

Paisley Zippered Tote

Paisley Zippered Tote Handle Detail

Brown Velvet Bow Wristlet

Brown Velvet Bow Wristlet

Ps:  Spring finally feels like Spring!  It was so beautiful and sunny yesterday I had a hard time finding a spot shady enough for good photos.  I ended up taking these on top of my kids' treefort under the giant ash tree in our backyard.  You can still see all the sun glinting though around the edges.

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