Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer. For Real!

It hit a hundred degrees on Tuesday, and Wednesday was the last day of class for my dudes, so it's official: summer's here!  I've been soaking up the sun like a crazy lady.  So exciting!  And also a complete one-eighty from that one time (and then also that other time) I was sad about clouds.

But bad attitudes are in the past now.  It's time for awesome summertime handbags!  These are all freshly listed in my Etsy shop, so be sure to visit there for the real nitty gritty.  Also!  I've been doing so much custom work lately.  So much.  Which I totally love.  So if these aren't quite your speed or you just want something all your own, definitely contact me for details.  I promise, it's super easy!

Paisley Shoulder Bag at

Paisley Shoulder Bag bead detail

Blue Chambray Wrislet bow detail

Blue Chambray Wristlet at
Beachy White Mini-Wristlet bow detail

Beachy White Mini-Wristlet at

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