Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Planters

I almost didn't get out of bed yesterday.  I knew it was gonna be bad when The Husb walks in and says, "Look out the window.  If. You. Dare."

Snow in April=Utterly demoralizing.  (But ok, later in the day I heard my friends in northern Michigan got NINE INCHES of snow, so I called a halt to my little pity party.)  Even though our snow melted by mid-afternoon, it's still going to be awhile before I'll be going anywhere near my garden.  In the meantime?  Thinking warm thoughts and sprouting basil on my desk.

These spring planters are made from the same recycled plastic material I use for messenger bags and zips and whatnot.  It just so happens to function pretty great for plants as well.  I've had good luck growing herbs on my kitchen counter in them, and one of my favorite houseplants has been thriving in one for the last year.

This little guy is constructed from scraps, and is designed to fit in the windowsill.  Kitchen window herb garden?  Yes please.

Windowsill Planter on

Each of these pots has the full word "plant" spelled out on its side so they can totally stand alone, but I think they look pretty sweet together with their letters lined up.  I made them a little tall for aesthetics, but the bottom can be lined with gravel or styrofoam peanuts to act as both a filler and aid drainage if you have a fussy plant.

Recycled Plastic Planter Set on

Recycled Plastic Planter Set on
All of these are now available in my Etsy shop.  Visit for more details.
Happy Spring....

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