Friday, April 8, 2011

Harwood Steiger Pillows

All the sunshine and fresh air coming through the open windows is making it hard for me to concentrate on the hand stitching I'm supposed to be working on.  If I go out there, I'm never coming back in, so I'm just taking a quick break for The Internet to share an awesome discovery I made this morning.

Here's what happened.  While practicing yoga on the living room floor, I was admiring the pillows on our couch, and decided it was high time to look up the name of the artist at the bottom of the silkscreen design.  My girl Leah picked up the fabric for me about a year ago at a yard sale, a really sweet screen printed design, which I held onto it for several months before finally making it into pillows.  So after yoga, I looked it up, and it turns out, it's a Harwood Steiger print.  And Harwood Steiger turns out to be this great mid-century textile and watercolor artist who had a studio in Arizona where he hand screen printed his designs.

The moral of this story is twofold: 1.  Nice score Leah!  and 2. Yay!  I have Harwood Steiger pillows on my couch!  I always loved them, but I love even more knowing the story behind the fabric.  Check out some of his work, and also my pillows**

(Update!  To see TONS more great Harwood Steiger prints, check out this site: The Harwood Steiger Book Project!)

Harwood Steiger Placemat
Harwood Steiger Screen Printed Fabric
Harwood Steiger Linen Tea Towel
Detail from Harwood Steiger Screen Printed Fabric
My pillows made from Harwood Steiger Screen Printed Fabric

Detail from my pillows

**(My only regret here is that I didn't photograph them when they were shiny and new.  Well, "new."  Here the pillows are shown after quite a few months of life on a couch in the home of wild boys.) 


  1. Lovelovelove that green design

  2. I'm glad you have discovered Harwood Steiger and all the wonderful textile designs. Clearly you found my blog. I only wish you had given me credit or cited the blog. Maybe next time. Enjoy your Steiger and visit me often.

  3. Harwood Steiger Addict: your blog is lovely, and you have so many awesome Steiger works! I added a link in the post so readers can check out more of his great prints. Thank you!

  4. Many thanks. And please visit often to see more of this amazing artist's fabrics.

    Cynthia (Harwood Steiger Addict)