Thursday, October 13, 2011

Forest Creature Friends.

Zip-Up Acorn Home with Bunny and Fox Friends.

Today I delivered a batch of creature-filled acorn houses to CorAzon on Lake Street.  The zip-open acorns each hold three little animals, a mixed bag of raccoons, foxes, squirrels, and/or bunnies.  The creatures I made from old sweaters, and wool and flannel shirts and skirts.  And I found some ridiculously plush velour-esque drapes for awesome acorn tops.

Grey Squirrel.

Zip-up Acorn House.

I love making tiny things, so I was excited to work on this project for CorAzon, as always, a fun easy-to-work-with client.  They should be up on the shelves in the store soon, at both the Lake Street and Washington Avenue locations.  Stop by one of them to check the animal sets out in person.

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