Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Commuters: Ride!

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that riding your bike saves the world. (Motorcycles, too are a drastic improvement on the car-work-car-home-car-store-car-car-car situation.) So, because it's still February and negative-something here in Minnesota (rar), I thought we could all use a little encouragement.

This bag is the Commuter style in small, a custom order I finished last week. The plastic material is weather-proof (so it won't be full of snow when you finally pedal on home), and the belt-loop clips keep it from swinging around front while you're riding. Because everyone also knows there's nothing less cool than constantly elbowing your bag back in place.

And I know it's really really cold here, but what I love about Minneapolis is that no matter what kind of weather we're having, on any day of the week, any time of year, someone is out there in the city, riding their bike.

Ride on, Commuters!

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