Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter Won't Last

I know this set is grey, not your standard Easter egg tint, but making them, I had a feeling winter was on its way out. I'm sure that's foolish talk to anyone who's survived a northern winter, but I'm still holding out for spring.

I made this set for a custom order, and it was so fun I decided to post it for you. Aside from the Riff Raff I make now and then, my mainstay is recycling plastic. I really enjoy working with it, and I love the part about making garbage not garbage. But I've always loved old things, so when I get the chance to work with vintage textiles, I have fun. The purse is made from a vintage grey leather coat, circa sometime between 1978-1983...general guess. The interior is a repurposed cotton shirt with a great yellow print. I'm really happy with this color scheme, which was requested by the customer. She also asked for a squirrelly zip, so I've included a photo of that as well.


  1. i am in love with you and your designs. and so happy to see more squirrel pouchies. I'm totally regretting giving mine away, even though that was the whole reason that I had you make it.

    Also, we still need to discuss the dual-purpose "break-up/shit! I'm 30!" purse design. I heart the grey bag you have up here, but it is not a clutch, and I don't know if I can go back. But i love the pleating.

    Also, my clutch remains my most complimented bag that you've ever made me. It is SO popular. I get at least one comment per day, making me feel awesome all the time.

    Finally, I cannot wait to use my own "RAD" cozy. Beer is Rad!

  2. aww...i didn't realize you'd given yours away. i'll make you another, as i can't kick the habit anyway.