Friday, February 29, 2008

Respect the Chicken

A few months ago I was in SuperTarget. I know, I know, they're taking over the world, but there I was, in front of the dairy case, crying. I actually started crying in the store, which is embarrassing. It was all those clean white eggs, and the thought of the chickens who laid them. Eggs are less than a dollar a dozen because chickens get the assembly line treatment, jammed in a tiny cage with 4 or 5 others, and most of them never even see the sun.

I know, this has nothing to do with recycling, and you might not really want to know about the secret life of chickens. I certainly didn't set out to become a chicken advocate. But since ever since Target hurt my feelings over chickens, I've been buying free range eggs from the co-op and petitioning my neighbors so I can get a permit from the city to keep my own tiny flock. (Check out the chicken links on the left for more info on this.)

To celebrate happy chickens, I've also designed the Respect the Chicken Tee, featuring an honorable chicken portrait. The shirts are all thrift-store rescues which I wash, then hand-screenprint using a homemade screen system. The designs are all heat-set and machine-washable, and also awesome. A few are up on my Ety site now as well.


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