Thursday, April 29, 2010

Excitement at the Living Green Expo

This weekend is the Living Green Expo in St. Paul, and you should go. Yes, there will be everything about everything eco-friendly/earth-loving/conservationist/sustainable/carbon-footprint-less. But, did you also know that Twin Cities Green will be releasing their new brand at the Expo? It's true. And they'll be featuring some Recycling is Rad products, sneak peek as follows:

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  1. NOOO! I have to have to have to HAVE TO HAVE that pink velvet wristlet. And all of the others. Your wristlets are definitely my new favorite thing of all times. I know that i continue to be transformed in my beliefs about what the greatest purse format is ... I have transitioned from hobo to handbag to shoulder bag to clutch to wristlet. And with my current armload of Things I Must Carry At All Times, the wristlet has saved my life. Now it just needs a cell phone pocket so I don't get into such a frenzy when my phone rings. Is this possible?