Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go Bikes

Minneapolis is the new number one city for bikes; so says Bicycling mag (Take that, Portland.) So here's to all the crazies riding through the winter. And by crazies, I mean folks more awesome than me.

I made this bag for a local bicycle commuter who was inspired by the another design of mine. We only got one quick shot of this one, but it does have a stability strap on the chest strap (not shown), which is totally the way to go if you ride. Nothing more annoying than elbowing your bag out of the way every four minutes.

(PS: I was just kidding, Portland.)


  1. Hi Bekah, I just met your husband and he passed on your blog. He also showed me one of your bags. So cool! I love your blog - especially that post about your creative process. I've found myself lying on the floor moaning over a project a few times. =)

  2. Thanks Aimee! TC showed me the pictures of the mushroom growing process last night. Wow. So cool you and your husband are doing that. Keep up the urban farming!