Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Exclusive Womanhood Weekend Deal

Recently my good friend Katie Howard called me up and asked if I might be willing to donate some purses as raffle prizes for a women's weekend she was helping put on through Applied Insight. I've known Katie since forever, and I'm pretty sure we're both completely indebted to each other for life for all that we've put each other through, so of course I was excited to have a chance to support something she really cares about. It's true, a small part of me was totally thinking, No one will want these, but I sent a box anyway. And this morning got an email from MaryAnne Radmacher telling me that fights were breaking out over the purses, this one in particular, I guess. Awesome. Except by fights she meant selfless gift-giving and hugs, which is even more awesome.

Anyway, the point of this story is that Katie and I would really like to carry on with that same spirit of gift-giving and hugs. So I'm offering all the women who attended Womanhood: The Weekend a special deal--10% off any custom order or anything in my Etsy store. Just mention the Womanhood Weekend when you email me ( to discuss your custom order, or contact me on Etsy about orders from my Etsy store. Hugs!

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