Friday, April 16, 2010

Friends That Are Great

So, check out my new look. My awesome friend Troy DeShano (who is awesome) just finished designing my logo, and I love it! I'd been searching for the perfect designer to work with forEVER, and Troy was definitely the guy. I've known Troy for years, though we don't even live in the same state anymore. I started following his blog last year,, and when I saw his design work, I knew I had to convince him to make me a logo. I'm so happy with what he did; he was able to somehow intuitively capture what Recycling is Rad is all about without getting a lot of input from me ("um, I want it to look cool"). Also, it has pink.

To sum it up, Troy DeShano is great. Check out his sites: His blog is a great read, and, obviously, a great visual. Troy also happens to be married to a super talented lady who is totally inspiring to me; she's a culinary diva, and she makes crafty things, and she's a fitness instructor, and they have kids. Basically their house is one big pile awesomeness.

PS: Here's one of my favorite illustrations that Troy has done:

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  1. Ruler for sure. Deshano Power to the people.